Friday, July 22, 2011


So the Blakely rabbits fell in love and had babies this week. Out of six, we only have one survivor. This has really upset B (see story here). She wakes every morning and the first thing on her mind is, is the baby still alive?

Well, this morning, I got up and went to check on it, it was alive, so she wouldn't have to race out there first thing. So when she popped her little eyes open, I was able to tell her it was still alive. She did eventually go out and check anyway, she had to feed the parents (one of her duties). When she came back inside, I was putting my contacts in (with the bathroom door open) and I heard her ask, "Since it's still alive, does that mean it'll stay alive?"

I broke into this well thought out explanation. I explained how nothing will live forever, I went into a lengthy religious spill and did my best to cover as much as her little 7 year old brain needed to know. When I exited the bathroom, contacts in place and closing my informative speech, she looked up at me with big blue eyes and said, "Are you talking? I can't hear you!"

She hadn't even put her ears on yet. Sometimes, the seasoned parents even forget!

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leah said...

ROFL! That is hilarious - we still forget sometimes, too. Nolan does have some residual hearing, but he can't hear if his back is turned (at any distance). It's one of the reason we keep those bright blue earmolds - makes it easier to see when I'm bleary-eyed in the morning, lol.

I hope Brook's baby rabbit stays healthy. I've heard that rabbit babies have a tough time of it, especially first litters. I'm also not showing Matt this post, because he has been begging us for a bunny, lol.