Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Six people

6, yep, that's how many people it took to hold my Angel down after she came out of surgery this morning. She just wanted her MAMA! It only took a few minutes to complete the surgery and we were by noon (ish). As you can see, prior to going back, the happy medicine did it's THANG! YAY.

They were certain to used a laser type instrument instead of the ENT's traditional method of removing tonsils due to her being a cochlear implant patient. Now, if we can make it through recovery (so far so good) we'll be fine. She'll have to remain on the 'disabled' list as far as the wild fun Blakely kid kinda activities such as fighting, screaming, swimming, cheering, fighting, and fighting....the main thing is to keep her blood pressure down during this recovery time.

Aside from pain, so far her only complaint is being HOT. She's a sweater anyway but until all the sedation wears completely off (and morphine) she keeps saying how hot she is. BUT NOT TO WORRY! Gage has spent the last fifteen minutes making her a hand-held fan out of legos so she can simply turn the crank and cool down (ha).