Thursday, July 21, 2011


So Brook's foot is so much better! It's completely healed, although the skin isn't nice and perfect yet, it's pealing quite a bit but after the damage she suffered, it's expected. She's even back in the pool which is fantastic since next week is her surgery and she won't be able to get in for a while after that.

The ENT's office called and informed me she will not be tested for Angioedema while she's asleep. They aren't allowed to perform routine lab screenings under sedation anymore so we'll test her later. She's still on schedule for next Wed. for the tonsillectomy and adenoid removal.

Now the story...
So Brook and I are in the pool yesterday, and she was bored and tired of pulling me slowly around while I rest lazily on the float so we came up with a game. Now remember, she doesn't hear anything while swimming (and no we aren't interested in the waterproofing of the implants). The idea was for us to take turns on the float, lying with our eyes closed, and have the other person turn us around and around and around and then we point (eyes still shut) in the direction we thought the house was located. If you get it right, you get lots of cheers and praise while a wrong answer would earn you a thumbs down. I'm talking big fun here! lol

It only took me two turns to realize I was cheating without meaning to. I could hear the filter which is on the side facing the house and since I couldn't turn my ears off, I had to pretend to give wrong answers from time to time.

After Brook had a few turns, she smiled and confessed, "Mama, wanna know a secret? If you just feel the sun, you can tell where the house is." And she smirked and giggled because she too was accidentally cheating. It was about 2 o'clock and the sun was actually right over the house at that time. She couldn't cheat with her ears, but could with her skin.

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rouchi said...

I love the change in your blog,I love the sunflower and like to hear the stories from your end.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

sweet game! and i too like the sunflower!!! very very cheery!!! maybe i'll do a blog re-do today.