Thursday, May 26, 2011

Very Weird

So just a quick update on Gman's medical symptoms...he's had really nothing to write about. His vision checked out fine, his check up went fine, though we discussed upping his dosage of his ADHD meds. After we go to the beach and after he gets back from camp, I'm going to pull him off his meds for a trial period and see if he has any more headaches.

The month of May hasn't been totally uneventful. About two weeks ago, he did come home from school and instead of playing outside he stayed in...very weird. He was fine at first but then he told me he was STARVING. So I fixed him something to eat, he looked at it with his hungry little eyes and then felt sick. He went to bed-ears off-lights off. He rested for a while and felt much did seem migraine-ish to me. If he is having those again (we were told before he seemed to have migraine symptoms) I'll have to look for the triggers. Since his last episodes a couple of years ago, I've removed most chocolate, all orange juice and Ramen noodles and he's not had ANY MIGRAINES...until now (possibly).

But we are excited that he's had no itching, no chronic pain, no processor removal at school! We are also entertaining the idea (courtesy of the school nurse) that weather (particularly rain) may affect his discomfort. I can only imagine having your head cut open as many times as he has how some discomfort could be expected at times. I know that when it's supposed to rain, my finger that I broke a few months ago (playing football, lol) bothers me.

We start our summer break tomorrow!! Woohoo. We plan to 'fix up' the house a little, go to the beach, play hard and sleep past breakfast. Have a great summer everyone!


leah said...

Ugh - I hope the migraines disappear! Poor kiddo!

Thank goodness the itching has disappeared. I will keep him in my prayers that things settle down and that itchiness (and worry of infection) doesn't return!!

Danielle said...

I have severe migraines and the 2 things i stay away from are Caffeine even regular ice tea has caffeine in it and CHOCOLATE. It does help.