Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Doc-free week

We don't have many weeks where we are doc-free. Usually someone has some appointment somewhere. This week, however, that's not the case. We have lots of things buzzing right now for us personally but we hope to soon have our stresses behind us, and at some point begin to enjoy our summer vacation!

This summer we plan to go to the beach and Gage also has summer camp which he is looking forward to! My baby will be gone a whole week, not sure I'm ready for that!

Brook goes for mapping in two weeks. It's amazing how little SHE needs adjustments while Gman is still going every few weeks. He has had some itching today on one side but nothing to really worry about. First complaint he's had in quite some time!

Next week isn't going to be doc-free. Gage goes back to the dentist and Brooklyn will have her appointment regarding those tonsils...
She's had strep throat like 7 or 8 times within the last several months so the last time (a couple of weeks ago) at the local E.R. we were advised to go see our ENT. So we will. Lord help us all if this child has to be put to sleep FOR ANYTHING. She's nothing like Gage and I promise she won't go pleasantly! But we'll worry about that later! I need to get out by the pool and relax! REALLY!

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