Sunday, May 15, 2011


Harriet. Many of you have no idea who she is, I've been blessed to have hundreds of faithful blog readers per day from all over the world, so I wouldn't expect you to know her. That's about to change.

Harriet is a special lady. She doesn't have a hearing impaired child, she doesn't wear cochlear implants. Instead she was blessed with four boys and a great husband. That alone should tell you what a strong amazing women she is. When I think about living years and years with five males, being the only female of the house, it makes me want a bubble bath, a glass of wine and a

I met Harriet as a young adult. She opened her lake home up to all us-most of us under the age of 25. I ate her food, I rode in her boat and sat on her peer. I had no idea at the time, I'd have two deaf children, I'd feel like I'm going out of my mind at times, or that some of the best advice would come from a lady named Harriet.

Harriet, at age, um-over 70, still goes to the gym and works out. She is my inspiration! She's lost three of her four boys. One in a car accident, one was killed and one recently passed away with cancer. Her one living son, my friend Dan, has entered her in a contest to receive a new smile. She deserves a smile. Please vote today (they announce the winner tomorrow) and read her incredible story here, she is MOM NUMBER ONE. (CLICK HERE to simply vote #1) Harriet told me a while back when my child carved the word 'Heart' into my new patio furniture that I would one day cherish it...and I knew exactly what she meant. She had no idea she would soon loose another child. She was right though. Every time I look at the carving, I miss the child that is growing up so fast. I miss the child that needed help riding his bike, I miss the child that asked me to brush his hair so he would look COOL.

Here is a sample of what Dan wrote about his mom, Harriet. I'd say she did a really good job with her boys that all loved (s) her so much!
"I really don't think any mother should have to bury one son no less three. I am her only child left. I would really like to see her smile and be happy with her smile. She is a beautiful woman and has taken great care of herself, but she is self conscious of her smile."


rouchi said...

Touching story, just voted!!

Beverly Smith Herrington said...

Thank you for your wonderful writing about Harriet, my dear friend since we were in Junior High together. Harriet equals a beautiful smile that represents her strong faith ... and none of us have known that underneath her smile was something less than perfect ... because the smile is so perfect, we never noticed the imperfection!!! She is certainly one of God's best works of love!!!

Val said...

so happy-she won!!