Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spa-ring Fa-ling

So the kids had their Spring Fling at school yesterday. Some events use water, lots and lots of water. In fact, there was even a water slide. Kids were soaked. Teachers were soaked. Good thing most of then had a change of clothes!

My kids put a small case in their pocket to remove their processors as needed and then put them back on when finished. I was at school subbing so I was unable to go out there with my kids this year and I'm glad they are 'big enough' to handle it all themselves. I did have teachers emailing me the afternoon before asking what they needed to do and I was happy to tell them "nothing."

Brook did get in the car after it was all over, smiling her toothless grin with a wrinkled nose spotted with the most adorable freckles I've ever seen. She said, "Mama, I got confused on one of the water events. I didn't hear the instructions and when you were supposed to dump the bucket of water on your friend's head, I dumped it on my own." So cute. We laughed and I assured her that sounded like something I would do.

IEPs are outta the way. Easy as pie. We begin our summer break next Friday...and we are looking forward to it. Brook has another loose tooth which needs to come out today. If her big ole teeth don't push through faster, she's gonna be eating oatmeal and soup. We are signing her up for cheerleader today! G-O Baby Go Go, G-O for Victory! Ah the memories of herkies and huddles, cheer camps and ballgames....

And guess what? I got an email from the lady with a Goldenhar child in AL. I had mentioned her in this article. (Click here to read) Thank you Ms Skala for reaching out to me!

How's that for a bunch of random updates?
a couple of old pictures for your viewing pleasure...

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