Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Checkout Line

So Gage and I are in the checkout line, just minding our own business when an older gentleman in front of us is discussing the 'end of the world' that was supposed to occur yesterday. I'm placing my items on the belt of the counter when he says to me "I'm trying to figure out what's on his head!!"

Now, a few years ago, I might have been offended. However, he wasn't trying to be rude, he wanted to know! I smiled and said, "They are kinda like hearing aids, but more powerful. They are cochlear implants. He's deaf."

The man kindly returned a smile and asked what his name was. When Gage piped up and said, "My name is Gage" the man whirled his head around at me in shock. "He talks so good! I was married to a deaf lady for years and she never did learn to speak very well. I bought her all kinds of hearing aids and nothing seemed to help."

We chatted for about a minute before we both parted and went our separate ways. He was from Texas, he asked about the recent tornadoes and possible damage we may have had, and he learned about cochlear implants...

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