Monday, March 21, 2011

Day by Day

Just as a quick update on Gman...we are back to weird and random and inconclusive issues. He is scheduled to see his surgeon on Tuesday March 29. Today, I would tell you we need to cancel his 'removal surgery' and watch and wait some more, but then tomorrow I may be a nervous wreck again trying to contact the surgeon!

Last week he had several days of pain on the side in question. This week so far, he's had tenderness on the right side, and NONE on the side in question (the side in question is the left side that had once been infected). This morning he flinched when I brushed his hair on the right other symptoms. He's not needed ibuprofen in days which is great nor has he needed Benedryl for itching.

Unfortunately, I found out he will still be having SAT testing the day of his appointment and unfortunately, it's not easily rescheduled with the doc going out of town. So, I plan on taking him to his appointment and getting him to school as fast as possible so he won't have a full day of testing to make up. And who knows, he may have NO symptoms next Tuesday and then again, he may be needing his doctor anyway. Only time will tell what this crazy mystery brings...

Brook is doing fabulous-she's still pursuing photography-lol

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