Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Roller Coasters

I get car sick and I'm 35 (for 2 more days!). I have no intentions of ever getting on another roller coaster in my life. The thought makes me nauseous. Real life has instead put my family on a roller coaster. About a week ago, I just KNEW Gage's ci needed to come out, he had consistent pain/tenderness but tomorrow marks a week of being pain free. So we have canceled the 'tenative surgery' and even canceled our ENT visit for today. Gage is still doing SATs at school and even his doc wouldn't want him missing those without necessity. We are rescheduled for April 19 for a visit and maybe by then I will have collected even more of those "symptom free" notes I have beginning to show up on my chart I'm making for his doc. I just believe letting the surgeon's office SEE what I'm talking about rather than trying to go from memory on pain levels, swelling, etc. especially when you are talking about over such a long time period. My memory can not be relied upon these days! Most of his pain and symptoms show up when he comes off meds, then dissappear on their own so I need to show them that. So I've charted!

Brook is doing great, she is in love with her new pet rabbits. She takes good care of them. She sings Justin Bieber songs every single day and I love it...at least hearing her sweet little voice. Her brother will tell you a different story! Can't wait for summer-home with the kids-relaxing (hopefully) and spending the majority of our time outdoors.

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leah said...

Send some of your warm weather up north - we can't wait to get outside! :-)

I really hope Gage's ear settles down. Being on that kind of a roller coaster is not good - may there be more "ups" than "downs" for you guys soon!