Sunday, January 9, 2011

...and three days later

Right now, we are gathering our emergency supplies-water, candles, etc. in preparation for the winter ice/snow storm headed our way this afternoon...
So if I go 'missing' for a couple of days, we could be w/out internet/power/water, you know the essentials.

As far as Gage goes, I have very high hopes that the meds will work. Right now they have 'removed' all symptoms. No tenderness, no itching, no puffiness, no pinkness...GREAT.
As I told him this morning, it makes me hopeful that IF the symptoms return (we have 4 days worth of meds left) I feel confident the PIC line/IV meds could work if we acted fast enough. Problem is acting fast bad as it sounds, lets just hope that if we have issues in a few days/weeks, that there will be 'enough' evidence, I'd rather this 'bad guy' present itself ENOUGH so the doctor can see something...I know the last thing we want to do is treat him w/iv's unnecessarily!! That would be horrible. But my gut feeling, my mom's intuition, God's pre-warning, and the fact that Gage knows his own body and can give us great and detailed preparing us for that 'worse case scenerio'....and I won't even go there yet...but we do have a back-up plan which would open a whole new and different world for the be continued.

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