Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last Day...

We are driving each up a wall and slowly going insane snowed in here and will be until Friday it seems. But, today is Gage's last day of we shall see what happens over the weekend (if anything). Last time (before we knew what type of meds he for sure needed, trying various antibiotics) the symptoms would always return w/in a couple of weeks. We have faith that if they do return, we are under the best of care and will do what is necessary to keep him healthy...bottom line. He is a big boy, he knows exactly what is happening at all times...and he knows we now are considering a back-up plan for their education. He, being older, isn't too thrilled about it, while Brook could not be more excited and ready to go now, even though she loves her school and teacher where she is, she just doesn't get as attached as he does. I have to consider all our options since he has proven year after year he is going to always be a 'medical' child, bless him...he would do fantastic in his school up until he reached grade 7, where he would transfer to the high school. I just don't feel like it would be a good match for him, or even her, no offense, but they both are very smart, bored easily, and I just think both of my kids might find 'other things' eventually over there to keep them entertained (when they are bored or can't hear well) instead of school work. So we shall make whatever arrangements necessarily to ensure their little straight A and A/B brains are fully entertained, with good stuff.
...and it's snowing here again (lightly)

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leah said...

I have every finger and toe crossed that the infection is gone for good and you never see it again!

Good luck with changing schools, if that is going to happen soon. Gage and Brook are very bright and will do well!