Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When you don't check the magnet!!!

Ugh, no Mom of the Year Awards for me. I let Gage wear his new N5s last week to school, leaving his old Freedom behind. I didn't once think to check the magnet strength for his other ear. I just had it mapped and plopped it on his head. He began complaining after a couple of days and it seemed fine but I backed the magnet off as much as I could 'til I finally made him put his Freedom back on that 'old' ear. I even loosened his Freedom also to ease the discomfort....too late, he now has a tiny red sore, (you can barely see it) but no ci on that ear for a week! They only have 2 more days of school and they are off for a week anyway. He'll be relying on his new ear only for a few days. He'll manage.


misskri said...

I always worry about that. I think its easier when they are younger and the parent is putting the CI on. I know after Thomas gets his haircut i have to lessen the strength of the magnet, but still make sure its tight enough that it doesnt fall off every time he plays or jumps.
Do you have to put anything on it or just wait till it clears up? I hope it goes away soon!!!

Val said...

neo or polysporin and hopefully it'll clear up