Friday, November 12, 2010

Banana Popsicles

Remember when Gage went over to the local Children's Hospital to attend the radio-thon? Here's that story, he donated $5 and told the clown he wanted them to buy banana popsicles with it because he was having surgery soon...
Well, he was so doped up after surgery, he didn't remember. However when we went to the Children's South location a few weeks later when an incision popped open and needed closing in the O.R., he must have pitched a fit with the recovery nurses...? I do remember him groggily (is that a word?) telling me "They didn't have banana! I thought they would have banana!" boohoohoo...again, he was very hungry and I assured the nurses that he liked all popsicles, not sure what the big deal was about banana! Nothing was ever said again...not from him, not from anyone. We showed up yesterday at the same location to again, go to night night briefly while they carefully removed his 12 stitches. Not only did he come out with a banana popsicle, as we were leaving she gave me the whole box. "These are his!" and you could tell someone remembered, they were in their own little Publix grocery sack and everything.....I heart Children's Hospital !!! I took home a happy little boy!

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leah said...

That is so sweet! What a wonderful nurse to get him banana popsicles. You really have a great children's hospital down there!