Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PEEPs in the Park-which was near the beach!

Mother insisted we take the kids to the PEEPs in the Park (six hours away), which I had volunteered to sit out due to financial obligations, but Nanny stepped in and off we went w/only a few minor glitches. Check out these photos from the weekend excursion.

Had a great time, thanks for inviting us Ashley! We look forward to more PEEPs in the park and all the upcoming PEEP events.

In other news, Brook goes for MAPping this morning for both ci's. We'll have a good little mother/daughter day. I wanted to squeeze her in a visit before we begin our next Gage project! His surgery is still a GO on October 18 for his ci revision surgery (replacing one non functioning ci).

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Cathy said...

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