Saturday, September 18, 2010

Inventing the Cochlear Implant

Thank you Kelli for not noticing I've stolen this from your facebook!

Here's an interesting read. The inventor of the cochlear implant received an award recently. You'll find it in COSMOS here where you'll read about his first cochlear implant, it's super interesting!

Not much happening here, I'm still going to The Gym and look forward to a strobe light Zumba workout on Sunday! I've been incredibly busy between writing in my spare time and subbing a lot at the school, I have little time for much else. All will slow down soon when my little buddy will have his 5th ci operation, (6th incision, he did get a 2 for 1 last time!). We look forward to the PEEPs in the Park next weekend.

We are having an IEP for Gage Oct 1. He can't hear his Reading teacher who is a great teacher, just soft spoken, mic only helps so much w/his one ear so it is suggested to do pull outs, I disagree. He's failing, but either needs a teacher he can hear or needs captioning. We'll see how that goes. I'd be happy w/switching him temporarily to a teacher he can hear, and after he's all settled after his surgery, if he's caught up, hearing well, I'll consider moving him right back where he's supposed to be. I also think his ADHD meds aren't doing their job but I'll make that decision after his hearing is 'settled'.

Have a great weekend. Brook is doing good, she goes for mapping soon too. It's amazing to me that she can go so many months hearing well w/out needing mapping. She's on a 6 month map (I think) but she'll be one of the lucky ones in the future that gets to go yearly I think. She's doing well in school, a little behavior issues but nothing like last year! Whew!

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