Monday, August 2, 2010

Wall of Inspiration

Gage's name is 5th one down in blue, click on photo to enlarge it.
We received this framed photo w/a pic of the new hospital behind it.

They got toy 'hard hats' and binoculars and best of all, cupcakes!

I was really touched to be in the same room w/all these amazing kids. I'm even more touched to find out Gage was nominated when I thought his frequent flier miles at the hospital entered him into some kinda random pick, but no...someone thought of him as an inspiration (teary). We got to see our friend Adele who has cochlear implants too as well, her name was up on that wall (and well deserved, she kicked the old feeding tube habit this year and running all over the place!!!)

A few years ago, my phone rang, and on the other end was a desperate mother of a disabled child, she didn't know what to do, where to turn. I assured her, though she didn't believe me at the time, she COULD do it. I gave her the name of an organization that would help her, and I told her God gave her that little boy because He believed in her. That little boy wasn't supposed to make it through his first year but he did. He made it six and a half years before he went back HOME. I had heard of his passing recently and desperately searched for on Facebook but I couldn't remember her married name so it was hopeless. Yesterday, in a crowded hospital lobby, I saw her beautiful face. I asked my mom if it were really her and she said it sure did look like her. When I finally made my way to her, she thanked me for helping her years ago. We talked about our kids, and about the difficult healing process she and her family will continue to work through. I assured her they will find their new normal. She said she's waiting on God to show her what He needs her to do, she wants to give back in some way to the hospital, somehow. In tears as I type, she has no idea that she's an inspiration. Her bravery, her strong belief and her strength is something I completely admire. Her baby's name is up there for a reason, my baby's name is up there for a reason.
No one hopes their child will spend night after in a hospital bed, hooked up to IVs, begging for the pain to go away, waiting on an organ to be donated, treatment after treatment, test after test...
but Children's Hospital makes those long nights which can sometimes turn into days or weeks for some kids, much more pleasant. All of Gage's memories of staying there are full of Santa Claus, Harley Davidson motorcycles, toys, crafts, and free cookies! This is why so many want to give back, even when their children are called Home. Sometimes all it takes is an encouraging smile or a hot cup of coffee, both can be found at Children's, believe me I know. My child is a Child of Children's.
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Mom to Jiya said...

Nice post, your kiddos and your blog are truly inspirational...

rouchi said...

You and Gage are really really brave, to go through all that you have and still stay so positive and inspiring.You deserve his name there up on that wall.Way to go.

leah said...

What a great day! Gage is extremely inspiring- he is such a brilliant, determined kid. His name definitely deserves to be plastered on the wall!!