Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Got tape?

And once again we pack up our supplies to walk thru those school doors on Monday YIPEE
 Here is our emergency backpack kit that I place w/each child so they are prepared to replace batteries or tape should they need to.
Four and a half glorious days!
And I'm only kidding, sort of we have had fun this summer but this last week has been nothing but fights. They are extremely bored and need the routine of school again!
Tomorrow is B's orientation. Gage goes for mapping on Friday.

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Although I'm required to make the content apply to a particular area, the subject matter is still general special needs, from hearing loss to school to accessibility, and more. I've only been 'on the job' 2 weeks and have acquired many subscribers (yay! thank you facebook friends) and can't wait to dig in and write even more articles on many different disabilities! I love doing this and have applied for additional topics and keeping my fingers crossed they'll give me more after I finish the first four week training period.


leah said...

I can't believe your school year has almost begun! Ours doesn't start until early September- so we still have some time. Matt starts universal pre-kindergarten this year, and we're really excited about it.

Happy (almost) first day of school!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog! I have a question for you: How often do your kids go for mapping? My child's audiologist likes to do once a year (she's had her implants for a over a year now, he did map her several times that first year of course), but it seems like a lot of kids go more often. Any thoughts?


Val said...

you know it depends on the child. My daughter only has it like 2x a year and is six....some only go 1x year, my 9 year old who has ear deformities has to go like every six weeks. I do some babble/listening checks to check and see if they are getting all sounds and if not I make an appt if they are saying 'what?' all the time.