Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our visit to the radio station

Today, Gage and I travelled into the big city to pre-record an interview to be aired in September during a radio-a-thon benefiting our Children's Hospital. We will go live on-air during that show as well but today was to give them something they can play over and over throughout the day during the event.  

Somehow when I explain to people, no matter where they are from, that I live in the middle of nowhere between Peanut and Cornbread, it's like they magically know where my house is. (haha) We explained Goldenhar Syndrome as best we could. We answered some common questions and then I was asked about what it felt like as a mom to take my child back to the hospital to remove his hearing device (which he obviously loved). I got choked up, almost cried heavily but quickly redeemed myself to get through the story. I went back in time, standing in the kitchen with bags in hand, asking my child if there was anything else he wanted to hear before we left. "Do you want to hear AC/DC, a toy truck, anything else Buddy before we walk out that door?" Reading my lips intently, he said, "No. It hurts too bad." He couldn't bare to put his processor on at all the pain was so bad. So I took his CD anyway and played it all the way to the hospital. With his eyes on me the whole trip, he watched me sing his favorite songs. He watched me tell him it would all be over soon and that the pain WILL go away! And he smiled, and I knew he may never hear another sound. I assured him that Dr. W would do his best in a few months to give him sound again, but if he could not, we would find a new normal for him, for all of us. But, writing it is easier than saying it, so hopefully she got at least some of it recorded, enough to give a decent story.

Gage did well, he was a little quiet (which is unusual) but he did fantastic. He did however assure this delightful DJ Ericka that I, in no way, sounded like AC/DC when I was finished talking(now that he can hear). I told her I was a much better rapper, and he asked me to rap! LOLOLOL...Well, I then explained I didn't have Salt N Pepa to back me up or I would......ahhh kids.

Looking forward to our visit in Sept when I hope he talks more and maybe explains what HE felt and especially about our nice surprise when it was all said and done of leaving with bilaterals when replacing his infected ci a few months later. Good visit, and we are looking forward to Sunday when he is getting inducted into The Wall of Inspiration...which he was nominated for! Big stuff coming from that but we want to save it all for Sunday night so you'll have to come back for that.