Monday, August 9, 2010

Basket Case

I was already emotional when another parent came up to me and explained how upset her son was when he found out he wasn't in Gage's class because "what if they don't know how to take care of Gage?" he asked her! That's all I needed to go straight to down the hall, tears dropping from my cheeks, wetting my t-shirt and I was proud of every tear. The teachers know me, some read this blog, and they know it's hard. I was totally fine w/leaving Brooklyn, didn't even walk to her room. All the kids had to wait in the lunchroom while parents could go back if they needed to. When the bell rang, the kids were directed by staff where to go, without their parents. I met with Brook's teacher at orientation so I know B will be fine.
However, Gage is struggling. He didn't understand ANYTHING I said this morning without repeats and lip reading...he is not fine. I know his teacher is aware and will take care of him, but I'm sad he's lost. This is hard. I emailed his special ed teacher this morning and I hope we can monitor his needs a couple of days and decide what will work. We need for the Hearing Impaired teacher to drop of FM's and I am also alerting his audiologist to let her know how he is and see if she suggests we take the right one off for now. Last night I had him try listening without the right and he understood me better but he still likes being bilateral (habits are hard to break) and he wouldn't go without it this morning so hopefully we will find something that works. I know they will take good care of him (and her)....deep breath (basket case), I'm going to put on my swimsuit and relax on the patio for a while. (Maybe take a nerve pill, lol) I can't wait to pick up my babies.
This was outfit number one but she changed last minute into something cooler!


Jen said...

This is my first time to your blog...and story.
I have twin girls, born 5 months early @ 23 weeks.
One of my daughters last her hearing to some of the medicines they used to save her life as a preemie.

She has profound hearing loss in an BAER but severe in a behavioral booth. She was just diagnosed with AN {Auditory Neuropathy}. She currently wears bilateral hearing aids but our team is very much discussing a CI.

I read that our stories are very different but we wonder if getting the CI is the right choice?

Has it worked well for your family?
Would you change anything?
Any suggestions?

Thank you

Val said...

I do not regret the ci's neither does my son....but here is a ci/AN child w/Tourette's who was a preemie.
She is a Teacher of the Deaf and likely has great advice for you as well!! Her name is Mary.

Anonymous said...

get an captionist