Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When pitbulls attack...

We have so much Blakely drama I could start our own Glee club. Really. On this episode of our continuing series I like to call WHO LIED TO ME?? we discover what happens when pitbulls attack. This episode is also brought to you by McDonald's.

WHO LIED TO ME began over six years ago when I had only one child, and someone LIED TO ME   told me that having a second child would be so much easier, number one would have someone to play with, they'd be best friends, they would just play all day and you would have nothing to worry about...yadda yadda yadda! Well, we learn in this episode that #1 is trying to lay claim to being top dog, while #2 assures him quite quickly, he is not. Now, in his defense, #1 is smaller and less mean easier to pet than #2. One look at #2 and people see a gorgeous breed of pup but knowing the type of breed, realize it's best to ask before petting. Being a lap-dog, #1 has learned that if under attack of the pitbull, all you can do is exercise self-defense.
 When he fell under attack last evening by the pitbull after a brief argument while swimming, he used his instinct to grab the closest object and knock the pitbull down....and down she went. McDonald's gave us this for FREE (thank you) ... a toy that squirts water and is actually quite heavy for a free happy meal toy. 

With blood spewing, I rinsed her off in the shower, put her some dry clothes on and raced for the nearest trusted professional who could determine extent of injury...my mother (I'm no good w/head injuries!!!) I knew it wasn't life threatening and once we got a real good look at her laceration, we decided to drive to Children's Hospital. Her cut was really really really close to one of her cochlear implants...and it continued to bleed. It was still bleeding at 8:30 (hrs later) when we finally got it sewn shut. We had to wait quite some time for a topical numbing medicine to kick in so they could clean her up and sew her wound.
As you can see here, she did fabulous! After all, she's a pitbull. We informed our ci surgeon as instructed this morning who had us come in and all looks great. The nurse could feel her ci but not see it thru the small hole last night. She only required 4 stitches (she didn't even realize they were sewing her up!) and we have her on an antibiotic as precaution. No swimming for 10 days.....cancel the water park yet again. Oh well.


rouchi said...

awww, she is such a brave lil girl.Hope she recovers quick and hats off to such a strong mum daughter team.

ann said...

That was your MawMaw! She told me the same thing!