Monday, July 12, 2010


Today we went to the park on the fly when we found out "S" was in town from FL. She's the young lady who comes up each year to spend Summer w/her grandparents. I was happy to see who was on the line when our phone rang this morning and w/in 15 min. we were on our way to meet them at a park. She has a cochlear implant as you can see so it's always great to get them all together and catch up. She was even asking me if we were going to the Cochlear Disney World event in Florida and sadly the answer is no. We just can't!!! She said she wasn't gonna be able to go either, money is just too tight for everyone it seems.

Oh and to the kids' speech therapists (former I should say) both kids can now blow bubbles! They were determined to master this difficult task and w/in days of each other, they acquired a knack for it!

B goes to audiology next week for a routine speech perception test. They'll likely use Spondee words (ice cream, baseball, etc.) and much more to find out how well she hears w/her ci's.

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