Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In 20 Days...

general news: More rainbows at my house, gotta love it!
Not that I'm counting, but in 20 days we go back to school...which means I go back to being 'on call' for my duties as a substitute teacher (big yay! I could use a pay check!)

Gage had his buddy spend the night last night. Big fun! Brook was bored, we tried to find her find someone last minute but she made it. They swam, rode bikes, built trucks, and more.

Brook has reduced the number of children she wants to have to 10! Whew! I was worried about the 23 she wanted. She's already started her baby box Hope Chest of items she's saving for her future real babies.

ADHD news: We are trying to make it (it's rough) w/out Gage's ADHD meds for a few days to see if he can gain some weight. If I can just keep him safe, I'll be happy. He's so impulsive and can't stay on task at all, but as long as he's not throwing a hammer directly over his head to knock something out of a tree (yes he's done that) we'll be fine.

hearing loss news: Brook has a speech perception test in the booth on Friday.

I hope you all are reading the PEEPs blog for all kinds of info like free therapy ideas. And don't forget Bama Ears to see what our surgeon's been up to.


leah said...

OH, good luck with getting Gage to gain weight! And with Brook's speech perception test on Friday.

Egads- throwing a hammer over a tree. That is scary!

Angela said...

I'm laughing right out-loud here--about Gage throwing the hammer....my kid would do the SAME thing--just to see the effect!! Good to know another mother has experience with these wonderful, wacky, Hyped-up boys! :o)