Thursday, July 22, 2010

Teaching an old dog new tricks

Wow, have I got a lot to learn! I wrote my first article yesterday for (click here for my page) and realized writing in AP down style is harder than it looks. I had my title as No Insurance? and was corrected by one of the biggies there as No insurance? conforming to AP down style of only first word capitalized unless proper noun...oops! But they are so great, I'm taking some online courses they offer to help me learn. I'm so excited to be the Etowah Co Special Needs Kids Examiner. I hope people will visit my page often and subscribe to me so I'll have the fire I need to write several articles a week. With my first day (and not even a full day) I tripled the page views some of the others in my field get per day so thank you friends, big (((hugs))). I realize I need my Cochlear Kids blog more than ever now, 'cause I'm not gettin' graded here! Whew, had to get it off my chest.
she loves using my camera and taking 84 pics of herself, her dolls, her dolls' shoes, her bed, her stuffed animals, etc.

In other news, I let Brook get in the pool yesterday for the first time since her stitches last week but I told her not to go under! So far so good, by Friday, she should be set to go back to her normal 15 swims a day.

Also we have her speech perception test in the morning! Details of that visit later! 18 days til school starts, woop woop!

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