Thursday, June 10, 2010

We're Pooped

Nah, not that kinda pooped, I guess I should say we've been pooped on. And after they finished spreading what led to such an nice aroma around the house of chicken manure, they politely came back this morning to spread lime to neutralize the soil. See...

Can't wait see that beautiful field I love so much as it's new grass grows all summer long.
After the dust cleared, Brook relaxed in her pool.

and Gage supervised PawPaw D as he enlarged our yard thanks to the borrowed dozer. Thanks Farmer Peanut!
Brook could feel all that heavy equipment and told me she could "hear" it.

And check out our flowers!

Good thing my husband likes to garden, I have a black thumb!

1 comment:

leah said...

Your garden is beautiful! Wow- how did you do that picture with the insets? That is pretty cool!

Brook's pool looks perfect- big enough to swim in, but it looks like it can collapse for the winter. How is her ear doing? Is the infection gone?