Sunday, June 13, 2010

That is awesome!

While on the phone this morning with my six year old child (who spent the night w/my mother) I said, "Ask Nanny if she needs more squash." She immediately shouted to another room, "Nanny, do you need more squash?"

So what? She is a deaf child, speaking to her mother via telephone without any assistance! That is independence, that is awesome! In fact I was the one needing assistance when she said "I have a bad cough." I had no idea what she was saying and luckily Nanny repeated the unexpected sentence. I thought she was saying she had a bad fall.

She loves to cook and help me in the kitchen. Today, we've already made brownies, and later we will tackle roasting a chicken, cooking a beautiful cabbage my mother in law gave me, squash, beans and who knows what all we'll cook up for dinner. I have plenty of help!


leah said...

I love it! Talking on the phone shows what an amazing listener she is!!

Also, dinner sounds good- I think I'll be right over :-)

ann said...

She is so sweeet(most of the time)and pretty and a real snuggly bed bug!We need to see more of Butter Bean=gage.Love Ya'll

Tiffany C. said...

I've had the kids helping me put up creamed corn. Yesterday we cooked some cabbage. :) I love what the summer garden holds.