Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We're Not Normal...

"Mama, we're not normal" says my nine year old on the way home from vacation Sunday.
"What do you mean?" I ask.
"Me and Brook, we're not normal, no one else has implants but us."
"Lots of people have implants."
"You're unique!" Shouts a voice from the background (my mother).
"Yes, and it's always best to be a little unique or else you'll just blend right in with everyone else. You and Brook are actually pretty average kiddos aside from wearing something to make you hear."
"Yeah, I like not being normal." **big smile**
"So do I."

Yesterday, while she was swimming (no hearing) I tried to tell Brook what type of meat my father in law had dropped off at the house (it was bbq) but I was about 30 feet away, and she can't read lips anyway. Being mostly carnivorous, she was determined to know what type of meat it was "Chicken? Ham? Steak?" So I took a chance and signed (finger spelled) the word pork. She shouts "Pork!" and we both started cheering! I'm so surprised she remembered the letters since we don't typically sign. Gage never liked signing and never would even attempt it, but since she can't speech read like he can, I'll be happy to sign more often.

My Dad and I took the kids to the park yesterday after we returned the rental van back to the car rental company. We have nothing now on our schedule until next week, so finally we can get the house back in order, play or do nothing. We've been busy ever since school got out.

My poor broken toe is much better, still purple and tender a bit but like I say, taping it to a good toe & wearing tennis shoes is the key.


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

andrew never really 'took' to sign- i think that is part of his adhd etc. but recently since we started doing other therapy (for the etc.) he has started looking to me visually for info. So thankful we got the speech and langauge in there via the implant but now i too am happy to sign for him if it helps in certain situations. i can't believe what I remember!

rouchi said...

It can be a painful for a parent when kids say such things.Prisha too always notices the ears of people 1st. Like the other day looking at her after birth videos, she noticed her ears only and told me-"naughty girl, you put HA for me". I winced too as after seeing those videos (1st time after her birth) I too was a bit too emotional.But as mums of these"not normal" kids,we need to make them feel how special and normal they are.I am so glad she is there in my life because they make us very strong and "not normal" parents too.I am happy to see all of us are doing a wonderful job as very happy parents.
I too use lip reading techniques when we are at a distance or in a noisy place but signs are totally a thing we both have no clue of
And that is quite a toe that you have Val.Take care.