Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mountain Folk

I know, I know, we already ARE "mountain folk" but this weekend, my mom and my sister and her daughter along w/me and my two kiddos, visited The Great Smoky Mountains.

Bubba Gump Seafood...check!

...the kids are enjoying their novelty light up cups from our wonderful dinner we had there! It was extremely loud in there and my kids were starving so they didn't even try to keep up w/conversation...I could barely hear myself!


Miss B unfortunately had to be put under house arrest for the aquarium visit due to behavior (Mother stayed w/her since she had no intentions of going there for the 100th time anyway) but she redeemed herself and was paroled soon after to finish packing in the fun and adventure.

I had to take the girls into the 4D Motion theater for a second round of the body jerking, stomach turning, make my sister have to leave during the first that made us feel like we were actually skateboarding and snow sledding. I'm not sure which one of us laughed the loudest. I do know Gage had trouble keeping his glasses on (you know the one size fits all black movie glasses) on his tiny ears when he watched it. I told him to hold onto the seat w/one hand and his glasses w/the other.
We traveled thru Cades Cove and saw a couple of bears in the far distance and walked around visiting some old bldgs.

Brook hangs on to her prized possessions when looking over a bridge...good girl! Oh we had fun, but so glad to be home. My toe is much better for those who helped me on Facebook w/my broken toe incident! Ice, tape, ibuprofen and tennis shoes=all good!

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leah said...

House arrest, lol! I'm glad you guys are having so much fun- it is great to get out and just have fun once in a while!