Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! I was blessed to have a great Daddy growing up and now I am blessed to also have a great father-in-law too who gave me his son who is Super Dad so Happy Father's Day!  We had my annual family bbq last night. My husband grilled us up some goodies, the kids played. Here are my nephews (all grown up, omg!) and my little niece. She's terrified of dogs so if she looks a little nervous, SHE IS (we have 2). She and Brooklyn had also been into some makeup! Not sure if they meant to look like cats or if that's just the style now? lol
Gage is going for MAPping on Tues. He seems to hear better w/each individual ear rather than bilaterally. We'll see if it's fixable or more trouble on that right ear that's double mapped due to electrodes being shut off.? He's a trooper and managing fantastically. You could definitely tell when his pill (ADHD) wore off last night! (and every night for that matter) But it was near bed time and we managed to keep him safe til he was snuggled deep in his covers (where he remains right now).Gage loves his Dad because he's funified and fixes things as you can read here (a Sunl is an old 4 wheeler he harasses his dad to fix every single day they work on together)...
while Brook  thinks he's swett, ahem, I mean sweet. She also notes him as a stare (star) and at the very end, her ulterior motives shine when she just really wants to kick him out of my bed so she can sleep/cuddle with her Mommy! *grin* love it.

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ann said...

It was good last night. I think everyone had fun.