Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy Bee & Cat Speech Therapy

So I've been a busy bee (those are real bees from my back yard!) reading and posting all things relevant to Alabama PEEPS either on that blog or on the PEEPs facebook page (see blog) regarding hearing loss in our Alabama kiddos. Lots to do here in Alabama and trying to move quickly but hard to do when kids are out for the summer. My next step w/the PEEPs program is another park get together somewhere else in the state. I'm trying to be fair to everyone and accessible to all parts of the state.

Gage was mapped today, that went well. He didn't have any more electrodes turned off! He's hearing much better I can already tell.
Brook was seen giving the cat speech therapy again. She believes in the AVT principles and talks to them with very lengthy detail...example: "Cat if you see a mouse, eat it! It is your job! Dogs, if you see a mole, eat it! And cat, always say 'thank you' okay?" Here you may find this same cat more than 2 yrs ago learning the pledge at just a couple of days old.


leah said...

Wow, that kitty has grown! Brook is going to grow up to become an AVT, lol. She could probably pass the exams now!

Good news on Gage's mapping- it is always a relief when they can hear better!

honey said...

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