Wednesday, April 14, 2010

She had a speaking part

So my pretty tattooed little girl, had her PTO program at school last night and she had a speaking part! Yes, in case you haven't heard, deaf children can speak, and this one does it loud and often! Her line was, "How do you say the ABC's backwards?" and her friend A next to her answers, "CBA"...some had silly little jokes and they all sang songs together. She is now getting prepared for summer break coming up in a few short weeks then first grade in her rural public school.

Speaking of rural, I was cutting grass today and found this...


David said...

Ummm... cute?

I became a lot less willing to handle armadillos when I learned that they are the *only* animal other than humans ever to be found to be infected with leprosy outside of a laboratory. Armadillos are thought to be the animal reservoir for the disease in the Western hemisphere.


leah said...

Way to go, Brook!

OK, is that armadillo REAL? WOW! I've never seen one up close before, lol. Is it a baby?

Ericka said...

ew ew ew armadillos are ugly! wow! I am so glad we don't see those here in Ohio!