Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mapping and More

First, I want to say, Brook and her dad refurbished a couple of benches given to us by a friend whose Dad was going to toss them! And look, good as new!

Nice work B (and Daddy too!)

Although I'm about to leave for the day's final event (PTO meeting), I wanted to give some good news to those keeping up w/my little Goldenhar child. NO ORAL SURGERY until he's like 18 !!! The specialist said no way would he want to do dental implants, jaw distraction or likewise at this age if not completely necessary. He said, Gage does need all that but needs to wait til late teens or it will all have to be re-done later!
He was an angel today, and got the good child prize of a well sought after milkshake....

She however, did not get a milkshake...
She did however fall asleep after numerous outburst and undesirable behavior, one of which included accidentally knocking over a small table at Children's while we were waiting on Gage to get his Xray (to check electrode placement on his right ear)...more on that later!
She did complete her mapping and goes back in July for speech perception tests and mapping again in Oct. !

And tomorrow, I have to go pick up more I'm All Ears books and get my driver's license renewed (it has already expired, oops) so looks like another packed day of travel.

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