Tuesday, April 20, 2010

...from Parenting Magazine

Just as a fyi, I was reading Parenting magazine and they reported in their Bites You Need To Know on page 46,

"Music to their ears
Children with cochlear implants-electronic devices that restore partial hearing to the hearing impaired-have improved speech and language skills, but now a new study shows they may have improved social lives, too. Children in the study ranked their quality of life equal to that of normally hearing peers."

I think we've all read this in other places as well but I thought it was neat to see it in the magazine!


leah said...

That is great! It is nice to see articles like that in parenting magazines (and not just professional publications)!

Laurie said...


I believe it! This is true for adults, too, who receive cochlear implants. :)

Thanks for sharing - I used to read the Parenting magazine when our kids were little!