Thursday, April 29, 2010

Horray for IEPs for next year!

Quick and painless as usual is all I can say. When one kid is not yet 9 and has an expressive and receptive language level of 10yr 10 mos....I'd say, we're in a good place...
Other kiddo has also surpassed her benchmark for K so other than your basic hearing impaired/deaf/ci kid needs, (static guard mat for under computers, closed captioning, small group ARMT, SAT testing, your basics)...we are good! My main classroom concern is voice quality of the teacher, all the teachers are more than capable and I'd work well w/any of them but soft spoken ladies and my hearing impaired kids just won't work out. So I ask for some loud mouths (just kidding, kinda). I'm very satisfied, but should something come up, I will be glad to call them back in for another revision problem!
You have no idea how glad I was when she settled for this outfit. I can live w/the orange Halloween socks, but a Christmas dress and Halloween socks made me sweat! Luckily she respects her brother's opinion (not mine!) and he informed her it was "kinda ridiculous!" But this we can live with so we're glad she changed!

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leah said...

Awesome news! They're doing so well- you are such a hard working mama, and they're smart kids!