Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rough Day

We had some visitors over the weekend...
You know what it's like when you have unexpected guests...

(my neighbor got 4 new cows and they wanted to come over and play)

Anyway, the real story is Gage had a rough day yesterday. When I picked him up from school he was upset, he had got in trouble for misbehaving (nothing major, cutting up in class) and had to stay in from PE. I had already known about the not so good grade on a book he'd read in class (I get an email when he takes an AR test-love that feature!) As we discussed his day, he just became increasingly aggitated, upset, until finally he was in tears  crying (he has no tears, ever...a Goldenhar Syndrome thing) Anyway, he acted exhausted and I should have recognized why...this has happened before. When I went through his backpack, I found his FM battery cage. He never changed his battery when he went to school. Although he's bilateral, he uses only one ear w/his FM system, teacher's mic. He had exhausted himself from trying to keep up all day by listening and it had really taken a toll on his little brain. I had to send him to his room to calm down, no four wheeler, which upset him even more...but at my house, you don't get rewarded for bad behavior-regardless of your excuse. So we are hoping for a better day today, hoping he remembers to get his batteries in the FM receiver that fit in his ci. I did write the teacher a note and explained, but ask her not to immediately remind him...he needs to remember these things on his own, or try to since he is almost finished w/third grade now. Brook, as she matures will also become more responsible for getting what she needs for class. Crossing fingers for a better day today!

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