Saturday, April 10, 2010

Captioning Videos

Hi guys, I've been trying to upload and caption some videos and haven't had any luck, I use Overstream is what I found if you too use Overstream...


Apparently, Youtube has finally gone and closed off the video access to third parties like (We are not the only ones affected - e.g., youtube video downloading sites like and also either don't work or don't work the same way as before.)

It seems like there is nothing that can be done on our end to fix this right now. Feel free to write to youtube/google asking to make an exception for overstream to work somehow within this new restricted framework. Unless either this new restriction is lifted, or an exception is made for overstream, overstream won't work with youtube in the foreseeable future. There is possibly another option of implementing the system that would make it work, but this would require some development.

It's possible that youtube feels that due to their recent improvements to accessibility (which are indeed pretty impressive!), there is no real need for overstream any longer. It's possible that they have a point...

I found this on the Overstream forum from the Overstream administrator.
So for now, if you go to my video page, you'll have to click on the youtube channel to see my uncaptioned videos...and here's our latest w/a transcript.

Brook "I Spy"
Mom "Oooh I know, let's play I spy..."
Brook "No, no, you do that thing, I spy something blue
or something like that..."
Mom " A color? Okay, I spy something....that's the color
you get when you mix blue and yellow. So what color
would that be?"
Brook "Walls, green!"
Mom "Very good, okay I spy something that is the color..."
Brook "Don't tell me color just say I spy something green
or red.."
Mom "You want it simple? I was gonna make it harder for you"
Brook "yea"
Mom " umm, what if we play I spy something with a /p/ sound
at the end of the word"
Brook "yea, yea, yea"
Mom "okay, alright I spy something with a /p/ at the end of it"
Brook "Lamp"
Mom "Very good, alright I spy something that's got a /d/ sound
in the middle of the word."
Brook, "Um, which area?"
Mom "There's 3 of them in here, it's got a D in the middle of
the word"
Brook "Chair?"
Mom "Sound it out, does it have a D in the middle?"
Brook "No, um DVD"
Mom "Hmm, no it has it at the beginning and the end"
Brook "ok, ok,
Mom "You're looking in the right direction"
Brook "magazine?"
mom "Does it have a /d/ sound?"
Brook shakes her head no and yes, "uh huh, oh wait let me try again."

sorry I had four kids here while I quickly typed it out, pardon any errors!!!
she eventually gets WINDOWS correct!...because we play hard, we don't like easy! Just a little AVT for ya, I was about 7 feet from her w/camera in front of my mouth....
love her tattoos and outfit? lol, and she is wearing shorts under her skirt!


leah said...

Ugh! That is a bummer about Overstream- I use them, too. I guess we'll all be doing transcripts for a while!

I love playing "I Spy." Right now we keep it really simple for Nolan ("I spy something blue") but we're making it harder for Matt. I also like the "I Spy" books- good for lots of language because of all the random objects!

Seek Geo said...

I've been using overstream including the video where I instructed on how to use it in the past.

Until unfortunately, one day Youtube decided that they will no longer accept third party sites. I wasn't too pleased about it and I might write them a letter because I love overstream.

But anyways for the time being, you can use what it's called CaptionTube. That's what I have been using in past weeks. It's not as easy and smooth as overstream but still work, just take some time to get used to it.

Here's a link:

I finally got used to it by now so it's all good, I guess.