Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just a little update...

I guess blue goes w/everything (she loves that hair bow, lol)

I've been really busy lately, this is the first moment I've had a chance to blog, I have several things waiting to blog, like videos that need captioning, etc. but for now, this will have to do...

Brook surprised me this week when she managed to hook her ci's up to the computer (without me!) I had to sub for a class last minute and couldn't go w/her, I went last week to school for their first computer lab visit to show her and her teacher how, and they did it all by themselves this week!!! It's really not that difficult should you ci moms want to try it at home!

And who doesn't look good in short and cowboy boots? He's rockin' these boots daily, I assure you, and now that it's hot and snakes are crawling, I'm glad! We were informed that Cochlear wants to see us regarding his seven electrodes that have been shut off of his right ear, I'm guessing integrity testing....? We need to also go in for an Xray as well to see what those electrodes and array looks like now. More on that later!

If want to read a touching story go to Bama Ears now!


leah said...

I love the blue hairbow and orange dress! Adorable!

The cowboy boots are a great idea with all the (poisonous) snakes you have down there- that would seriously freak me out!

Good luck with the upcoming X-rays, etc. You are one busy woman!

Chrissy Prinz said...

I love watching all the active things your kids do. My niece is turning 2 and I got her a little bike for her b-day, she wears CI's on both sides, what do your kids do about wearing helmets?? Do the CI's stay on?
Any help would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i just wanted to let you know when you click the videos on your page it says: error: invalid video stream. Hopefully you can fix this soon.

Val said...

thank you, I've been trying to upload to Overstream for a couple of days so I think the issue is on their end, that is where I caption my videos. If you go back, you can see my youtube channel now where you can see all my videos, but w/no captions.