Thursday, March 11, 2010

that's cool

So I had to sub at the HIGH SCHOOL again. I admit, it's hard to love high schoolers as a substitute teacher. They don't care about me, they don't want anything from me, and I get that. But they have to be supervised right? I had biology & anatomy, and the teacher left assignments so I basically had no teaching to do. Good, but boring. At the elementary, those kids need me, they need teaching from subs, they have daily lessons and will not just do work by themselves (except maybe grades 4-6) but they still need teaching from a sub. So, two days w/one subject, carry-over assignment, again, boring. Some parents had suggested on Facebook I do an ear or hearing assignment, so in a bored moment, I asked to borrow someone's book, who obviously was not using it...his eyes were on the pretty girl behind him. I read to myself all about the anatomy of the ear, hearing, etc. (seen it/read it all before!) Nothing's changed. After a small fight had taken place (a one sided girl vs. boy physical altercation landing the lass in the office), the poor lad involved, decided he wanted to sit by me, awwww, I had earned a friend. We chatted, about nothing really and then he picked up the teacher's magnet and began to attract paperclips. He was fascinated. I smiled at the 10th grade man-boy and said, "My kids have magnets in their heads." He looked shockingly at me, "are you serious? Why?" I explained in my one sentence, "They are both deaf and wear cochlear implants to hear and they are held on by magnets." He said, "that's cool."  **smile**


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Your subbing life cracks me like like Theresa at Ellemennoppee. I hope you're still reading her blog! She still has great subbing drama coming in like you!