Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sounds of Snipping

So I had my skin cancer removed yesterday. I wasn't very nervous except for having to endure all the sounds of snipping. I told my kids when I dropped them off for school that I wish for today, I had the ability like they do to turn off my ears so I didn't have to hear all that snipping. Anyone who has had a c-section or anything removed from their body and can hear well, knows what I'm talking about! Not a fun experience and I'll save you the details...
I have about a 2 in incision and I have no idea how deep it goes but IT IS DEEP I assure you!
I explained to the doc before she began my anxiety and even what I had told my kids and of course, as usual that was my window for continued conversation throughout the surgery so I wouldn't have to hear all the snipping. She was great and turns out she knows a lot about Goldenhar Syndrome (she needed to know that for boards) and turns out she visits our Children's Hosp. where we frequent to do pediatric dermatology! She also refers people frequently to our Genetics office so we discussed all kinds of things to keep my mind off snipping! And it worked! She enjoyed it as much as I did because we were talking medical and she was a little taken back I guess that I knew things like Connexin-26, Connexin-30, and other clinical terms. And I wasn't trying to show off either! I was keeping a constant flow of conversation I assure you and it worked like a charm, even when I was being sewn in an area that wasn't quite numb! Whew, glad it's over now and it really wasn't that bad...but I will use SPF 45 from now on!

** day after note**
no one cares if you had "surgery" the day before, you are expected to run at full speed to hand children things that are four inches from their grasp, cook to order, and unload dishwashers and washing machines, but I enjoyed my day off yesterday


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

ouch. i had one once.. but not that big.

Laura's medical journey said...

it certainly help having someone to distract you during a procedure! i had someone talk to me during muscle biopsy that helped and it was all over as soon as i went in! :)

i hope you get well soon x

leah said...

Ouch! I hope you recover soon! At least you got to have an interesting conversation, lol. You deserve at least a day or two off after that ordeal!