Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quick Updates

Good Alabama Morning

Brook had a friend over Sunday to make "chocolate milk"
They did super well together and we look forward to having her back with my niece (who goes to preschool w/this little girl) for a girl's spend the night party, big fun!!

Gage had spend the night company Fri. night. All went well. I explained to him why I asked him over here instead of granting his request for Gage to go over there. He understands that during night hours, Gage hears nothing w/out his processors and should a fire break out, I need to be secure in knowing everyone will remember he hears nothing. So for a first time spend the night, I asked he come here instead. All went well. They had fun, hunting, playing video games and making trucks!

As of now, no more signs of 'trouble' for Gage in regards to his mysterious pain, redness of his head/ear. All seems well, must have been coincidences.

Friday I have my skin cancer removed...big fun.
I've been subbing, a lot, both elementary and high school.
Thurs. I'll be at the SHAA convention in Birmingham. More on that soon.

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leah said...

BIG sigh of relief that the infection seems to have gone away.

I hope your skin cancer removal goes painlessly and quickly! And that you heal quickly, too.

That is a beautiful sunrise! I love early mornings with skies like that- it is just so gorgeous.