Thursday, March 4, 2010


When you have a child who is noted as "special" or a child who has a syndrome, or a child who has multiple "issues" whether the child fits into a name, or category or creates one of their own, you likely have many of these medical bracelets. I began keeping Gage's when he was born but soon realized that a keepsake like this would require a box larger than I had room for, so I stopped. Having two deaf children, some may say I have 2 special needs children, and compared to kids who have no extra services or fewer than 3 or 4 doctor visits a year, I guess it would be true. I, however tend to note Gage as the special needs because he does have many more appointments than his sister. He thinks nothing of me saying, "Come on Gage, let's run see Dr. W and get a quick CT scan." He only replies with, "I'm kinda busy, can I bring the circuit boards with me and work in the back seat while you drive?" I mean we all have our priorities here! But he did manage to fit it into his busy schedule yesterday when that conversation actually took place.

But let me back up.....(all info on his last infection can be found by clicking on the infection tag or label in the rt side column)

  1. Gage has experienced an itchy head for several weeks now...but nothing that dandruff shampoo can't control if used daily. Itching was one of the major symptoms of his infection in 2008-2009 which led to his ci removal in '08 and re-implanting and bilateral surgery, March of '09.
  2. Gage has had 6 electrodes shut off of right ear ci since it has been turned on in April of '09. No cause for major alarm, could be his anatomy.
  3. Gage had a high fever Sun-Wed of this week, accompanied w/a chest cold.
  4. His itching has continued and is concentrated on this right side towards the back of his head (like last time only opposite ear). He complained this week of tenderness towards the back of his head on right side, just past his mastoid bone.
  5. I took off his right ci to check it all out and under his coil is red, as if the magnet was too tight, so I backed off his magnet!

Although all of these seem to be just coincidences, I can't risk overlooking all this so we went straight to his surgeon. Gage needed a CT scan anyway to make sure that growth didn't develop that happens to many children who have surgeries requiring their ears to be sewn shut (we had been warned about this and knew at a year or so post op we needed a new CT). We were released w/a general antibiotic to help his cold and possible ear infection (can' t tell when you can't see in thru a canal) and hope all the strangeness goes away. I think when it comes to Gage, being a special case, we all go on the side of caution. His doctor and nurse know I'll contact them if any swelling or other changes occur. We at least have a starting point now, I've started my picture log w/notes as I did last time w/very specific and detailed info, ready to be emailed at the drop of a hat should I see changes. So, no need to panic, he IS and always WILL BE a special case, we'll monitor him, hope for the best, and continue to add wrinkles (or cracks as Brook says) to Mommy's face. *smile* Will update if need be.

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leah said...

My goodness, you guys have been through the wringer with those infections! I'm praying those antibiotics work really well and stop the infection in its tracks, Val.

Hehe- I should have kept all of Nolan's medical bracelets! We're going on sedations number seven (MRI again) and eight (tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy/3rd set of tubes). At least the neurologist said today that she does believe Nolan has a "syndrome," though we don't have a name for it. "Syndrome X" I suppose, lol. We're chasing down a referral to see a geneticist at Cleveland Clinic- they're supposed to be a lot better than the guys at CHOB (our local children's hospital). These kiddos do give us some extra wrinkles!