Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sharp as a butter knife...

 Yep, that's me. Boy, I really amaze myself sometimes...I never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed, but today I really showed how clumsy I can be. Having OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) in my family (more than one person!) I try not to over worry about little know like how many syllables or words are in a sentence and if that number is even or not...nor do I worry whether someone puts a spoon in the left side of the sink when it's clear it always go in the right (sarcasm)...but I do at least pride myself on punctuality. If I'm not early, I'm late in my mind, and I do get very anxious. Well, Gage has been planning to go to this birthday party for weeks. It began as a spend the night deal on Friday but was changed last week (I was glad, hard to send them to a stranger's house overnight!!) So it became a daytime party from 2-4. Great. Now this is for the little boy who asked me last week if I could bring one of those neck things to the party for his family to wear. He was referring to the FM mic his teacher wears for Gage. Love him, he was just thinking of Gage, and his needs (adorable!)

We received the correct invite w/date and 2-4 clearly written and numbers to call for directions. Well, I knew we would be 30 min late but w/a party from 2-4, I didn't think it would matter, it was a babysitting thing w/Brook, who I was not about to take! So, I realized we had no gift. Gage stayed at my mom's a few minutes while my sis and I took her little girl and Brooklyn (since she couldn't attend the party) and these girls dragged me from fingernails, earrings, clothes, and over Wal Mart before I managed to actually get a nine year old boy a gift. Fine. We rush back home so I could call for directions before the party started (fearing they wouldn't answer the phone during the party) 10 min til 2, I make a connection, ask directions to this house which I have no idea where it is but I'm writing everything she says so I can take it w/me. Remember, we're in the country so directions are like "turn in front of dairy barn, not chicken house, wait for a sharp curve, second double wide past the rock," or something like that. I tell her we will be there, but we'll be late, don't wait around on us, we'll show as soon as possible. She sounded as if we really weren't invited but I said my goodbyes and hurried to get kids situated, Brook happy/content though she's not getting to go, Gage off the computer so we can hit the road...and we're off and it's 2:25, fine. The house is only about ten min. away and I feel confident I'll figure it out when I get there.

Miles down the road I say "Gage, hand me my directions out of that gift bag." Gage digs, digs, no directions. I stop in the middle of the road next to a pasture, I'm frantically searching.....nothing. "Great, we have no directions." He says, "Just call them back" which would have been great had I not written the number on the same sheet as I wrote the directions. Fine, I go by memory and circle these people's house like 8 times before I'm certain this is the right one, only...there's one car, no sign of a's now 2:50. Great. Gage is on the edge of his seat w/anticipation, I'm a nervous wreck, I'm never this late, how rude!!

 I decide to try and find the boy's grandmother's house, we've passed it before on the way home from the high school before (when I've subbed over there). BINGO!! We are in luck, the little boy is outside w/some other kids playing. I hop out w/gift in hand, hug this darling child, ask him if he had his party, he says, "Not yet, it's tomorrow." **SMILE**

At least I wasn't late!


Laura's medical journey said...

haha know what u mean about the OCD!
I dont like being late either and other situations... sometimes it really doesnt matter but others it does and it makes me a bit freaky ha

leah said...

HILARIOUS! That is totally something I would do, lol!

Well, at least you get another shot at making it on time, hahaha!