Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Blinker

I have now realized when major events occur in my life, odd and random things retain in my brain, bearing significance, even if I'm unsure of that importance at that very will haunt me (sometimes for days) until I figure it out. Such thing happened to me yesterday while driving on a very busy six and eight lane highway where my palms sweat as I try to navigate unfamiliar territory. Not once but twice I got behind two different vehicles w/their blinkers on. Oh no, they had no intention on turning any time soon, just those random drivers, too busy listening to their radios or engaged in their own thoughts to notice they forgot to turn off their signals after changing lanes. Now, normally this could be quite irritating, trying to guess someone's intentions...but yesterday I was reminded of a story.......happened years ago....

I was driving to a doctor's appointment, 35 miles away. As I approach a vehicle shortly after leaving my small town, I notice his blinker. He was driving an appropriate speed, I had no reason to pass and road construction prevented that option anyway. We drove this long straight highway for like 15-20 miles...his blinker on the whole time. I was younger, had no kids, little things like this irritated me. We finally pass through several, even smaller towns, and I'm relieved that my turn is coming up and my last 15 miles can be driven w/out this guy around who obviously hasn't got enough sense to turn off that stupid blinker!!!! He merges into the turning lane ahead of me...GREAT. I assume as I turn on my signal, this is the moment he'll realize his blinker has been on this whole time...nope. We turn and this "moron" (I was calling him by now) still leaves his blinker on. Now I'm just mad. I'm wondering what the heck is going on in his brain that is so important, he can't possibly realize his blinker is still on!! I'm approaching the point after we drive another 8 miles, where SOMEONE HAS TO LET HIM KNOW. He can cause a wreck for crying out loud. I decide to change lanes, pull up beside this guy and let him know his blinker has been on, FOR MILES!! But when I go to change lanes, something happens....

I realize my blinker has been on since my last turn, 8 miles back!! I laughed so hard I cried. I never once thought to check myself! I went to my doctor's appointment ashamed and embarrassed, and I've exercised more patience and understanding ever since. Yesterday, I checked to make sure my turn signals were off and politely made my way to my appointment. But couldn't get those signals out of my head.

Tomorrow I will be taking Gage to the first of his many teeth/jaw appointments. I anticipate surgeries will be scheduled, plans will be made for his jaw distraction, his dental implants and his braces. We've had a great year off, no surgeries for a solid year and who knows, we may be waiting a little while longer on this as well, I just doubt it. The jaw distraction will likely be his toughest surgery yet! Over the years we've went from doctor to doctor, expecting to have average appointments, average health checks on our seemingly so average Goldenhar Syndrome child but leaving with the disappointment of a scheduled operation instead and the news that what they see isn't so average. So, as pre-warned by our dentist, I have hopes of leaving tomorrow with some average news, nothing too unexpected. I've had to leave these offices before, unsure if I should drive forward, turn at the last minute, or just slam on the I will drive forward with my blinker know, just in case.

Wish us luck! We should be appearing on our local news Fox 6 (link here) around 8:10 am Central (Alabama) Time on Thurs, Mar 25. You can likely watch live from your computer as well at that link by going to live video?? I will be nervous, but not freaking out. They will likely be asking how our HEAR Center has helped us since it will be at a charity event to benefit them. That I can do!

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leah said...

Good luck with Gage's upcoming appointments. Hopefully you'll get a little reprieve and won't have to start the surgery route just yet!