Monday, March 22, 2010

Real Estate

.....or homeless shelter as she called it...that's what we played this weekend...a lot! It was so pretty (70s) up until we wake w/it pouring SNOW this morning so a good chunk of our day was spent outdoors...just the way we like it! Brook wanted to play homeless shelter among other fun filled imaginary type games. This is a good one for all you AVT moms (auditory verbal therapy) or even you homeschoolers. She and I took turns selling each other plows, I mean "houses" so we would walk around each house (aka plow) and describe what was inside so each buyer could decide which one was just right for us. Can you believe she tried to sell me a house w/3 kitchens! I passed on it, I took the one she said had 2 computers, 1 kitchen, and a balcony (I'm shocked she knew the word balcony). I asked the price and she said 150,000.00 (which was a lucky guess on her part) so I took it. I in turn sold her the one that had an upstairs and came complete w/2 bedrooms and 2 baths.

Another game we played was Chef Brook. I gave her an old pan to keep in her restaurant (bricks w/a grate on top) and she "cooked" my food to order and even repeated it back, "here's your hamburger w/ketchup and lettuce and diet coke" (which was outrageously priced).

Our other house favorite is spelling out sentences. Brook is now able to do this as seen in the video of Gage at age six at the bottom of my blog (scroll down). Her sentences are a little less complex since she's just starting out w/sentences like, "I  l-o-v-e  y-o-u  v-e-r-y  m-u-c-h" and she'll answer me back...kinda works against you though if the adults in the house want to spell out secrets (or curse words, lol).

We have mapping for Gage on Thurs. along with his first orthodontist appt. We'll likely leave w/plans for future surgeries (like most first time appointments!) My mother noticed Gage speech reading as she spoke to him while she was attempting to remove my stitches this weekend. We were in her bathroom which has an automatic fan, aka background noise to a hearing impaired kid, very impressed w/mother's skills! I did inform her we already had an appt. scheduled with the audiologist. We had an extremely rough day yesterday when I let him go w/out his ADHD medication. And I say WE because it really affects EVERYONE and if your child has EXTREME ADHD you know what I mean. It's like his body is in overdrive (hyper) and his brain has no idea how to release the energy other that quick impulsive behaviors but on his medication, his brain has time to think of better alternatives, like making a new truck. His brain has time to think things through and he has more creative outlets! But yesterday he was literally about to jump out of his own skin! We were sure to take our meds today! School starts back tomorrow after our spring break, woohoo!

And finally, we are still scheduled to stop by Thurs and do a quick segment on the local morning news about this charity event which will benefit our HEAR Center where my kids receive audiology. Can you photoshop live tv? haha.

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leah said...

What a fun game! Brook sure is a little smarty!

I hope Gage's medication kicks in again quickly, and that his mapping session goes well!