Friday, March 26, 2010

Just answer the question

Just answer the question....that's what I told myself over and over yesterday as we approached air time of our 2 min. interview w/Jeh Jeh of Fox 6 News (far right). These gorgeous ladies are only a few of the Charity League Members who raise money for our HEAR Center. I have not seen the footage yet since I have no DVR, but I'll visit my sister on Sat and catch it there. All the things I wanted to say kept popping up in my head but I had to focus on Jeh Jeh and wait to see what he asked me, he gave me no hints so I could prep myself, maybe it was better that way....? Anyway, if I'd had a couple of extra minutes I would have said...
"and I wanna give a shout out to all my PEEPs and all my Facebook friends for the support, all the mamas out there writing those blogs, big whoop whoop to my girls at Deaf Village keepin' it hot and a quick shout out to the HEAR Center for keepin' it real, you all are completely off the chain!" (lol)

On to other Blakely news...
Gage had his seventh electrode shut off yesterday (all have been on his right side). Not exactly sure what's up w/that side! He's hearing fine still so we're good for now. Other than this his audiology appointment went great.

Now, for our final stop of the day, our first appt. w/an orthodontist.
The first couple of hours weren't bad, an artist was there volunteering, he had something to do...and we had to see a nutritionist, speech pathologist, social worker, dentist, which took less than five min. each. No biggie, maybe this clinic has a lot of kids come thru that need the full treatment who knows. I did get some fattening up tips though for Gage who weighs 49.8 lbs! Anyway, we waited some more then finally made our way back to see the doctor we had an appt. with...only to wait an hour and a half longer. It was almost 4 hours past our appt time when Gage leaves this enclosure and states, "Hey, I'm getting bored in here!" and when he turns to re-enter says in his most displeasing voice, "!" and one minute later, the doc came in *smile*. We had already been gone 11 hrs since we left before daylight and Gage's ADHD pill was wearing off. He looked at Gage and is referring us to a specialist who deals w/lower jaw issues instead of cleft palates which is his specialty. He did give us hope that Gage might can be fixed orthodontically rather a jaw distraction but he really didn't know for sure.

Here is Gage bored, resting between an office chair and another chair that was in the patient room because he told me, "Mama, I don't sit on those cushioned benches w/that white paper on it because babies' bottoms have been on there, that's just gross!"
I have another story I will post this morning hopefully if I find the time!

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leah said...

Ugh- I can't imagine waiting for FOUR hours past the appointment time. The worst we've ever had was a 3 hour delay, and it was awful! The kids get tired, hungry, and BORED!

I hope Gage's jaw can be worked on with orthodontics- that would be much easier than a jaw distraction!