Sunday, October 11, 2009

Update on the Patient

The patient is fine, just a quick update for ya. I have neosporin on the surgery sites here but maybe you can kinda tell. It looks great, healing well, he'll be back in school tomorrow...and since I'll be subbing there (special ed again, yeah!) I'm gonna let him come in there w/me during P.E. Not necessary but just to keep him from getting bumped tomorrow, he can come in my room and do his homework, he was out 2 days and I'm sure they won't mind him doing some make up work w/me instead of P.E. for the one day. He only needed a little ibuprofen last night, he said he didn't need it but I could tell he was trying to keep his cheek still, and he said, "as long as it don't move it's fine." (so I gave him some anyway) And I'm so glad he has a sense of humor about the whole thing, he already told his friend "L" who called to check on him that he had a third ear removed and joked with her about it. I'll have to tell his surgeon (and pal) that he didn't even remember talking to him yesterday. When we left there yesterday Gage said, "Hey, where's Dr. Woolley?" I guess he wanted to chat but I did inform him that Dr. W was there, and did come check on him in recovery and gave him the thumbs up, but sorry Extreme ENT, he doesn't remember!


leah said...

I'm glad Gage is feeling better! And congrats on yet another sub job- you're going to be working full time if this schedule keeps up!

Tiffany C. said...

His cheek looks really good!