Wednesday, October 14, 2009

that's just great!

When Gage was born deaf, we found out that our supposedly fantastic BCBS insurance that the company I worked for provided us with, had NO HEARING BENEFITS! That's just great I thought, but we made it, we struggled, we survived, we're good now.

Now I find out that our BCBS insurance that my husband's work provides us with, doesn't cover ADHD, that's just great! Again, we'll make it, we'll struggle, but we'll survive.

But I have to say with ALL this child has had done medically in his past, we've been lucky. We now get his ci audiology taken care of courtesy of our insurance and they've helped us out tremendously with all his surgeries, therapies, MRIs, CTs, medications, etc. So I can't complain too much.

Today we got report cards...Gage's lowest grade was a 75 and he had mostly As and Bs, and Brook did well (surprisingly) also and had all S's(satisfactory) other than one N(eeds to improve). Now without the sarcasm, that's just great! woohoo!


Tiffani Hill-Patterson said...

Our company has an Employee Assistance Program that covers mental health services. Check to see if your husband's does as well. Our EAP covered Riley's ADD testing, etc.

Congrats on the good grades!!

Debbi said...

None of Ian's AS nor ADHD stuff is covered - we pay out of pocket for that. But they do cover the medication he takes. I don't know what the outcome was regarding that subject...but many companies that don't cover mental health "stuff", do cover meds for ADD or ADHD or depression or anxiety - all those sorts of things. We had to get an EKG before starting those meds and had our pediatrician order it so they wouldn't disallow it.

Great news on the report cards!