Friday, October 9, 2009

The boy with three "ears"

...and not one of them work! Just when you think you've heard it all, we find out that the thing removed from our child's face was where an ear actually tried to form as he was growing in my belly! The doc did a fabulous job (as usual) and removed this "ear" off of his jaw line and he had to dig down about two inches to get it all, it had grown inside his cheek. Gage was a trooper and said "That didn't take long, I feel like I've visited Mandy (his audiologist) and left with a band aid." The doctor removed the hump in front of Gage's ear also which was extra skin left over from when they tied the pre-auricular tags off with strings at birth (those tags simply fell off after a couple of weeks). Oh, and I know he's too big for the toddler toys but no one cared if he rode in that, it occupied him during the 30 min wait pre-surgery.

On the way down there he was getting a little nervous and said, "So what kind of surgery do I have when I turn 9?" I informed him that hopefully he could go a year or two without any surgery and take a break for a while. All his dental work and jaw distraction stuff will fall next in line I suppose.

the tags removed are just below the print

He should just have a couple of small scars where he had surgery today, we already discussed this with him...his dad told him that chicks dig scars.

I told him this morning that when people see others with scars, it lets them know they have a history, a past, an interesting story to tell about how they earned those scars...scars are cool. Today when Brook got off the bus, I heard him tell B, "Scars are cool, it means they've had something interesting happen."

Speaking of Brook, apparently her batteries ran down right before school got out, she couldn't get her processors to turn back on so they sent an older kid to ride with her and help her out since she rode home in silence. We fixed them when she got home, I think she changed battery cages, and not the batteries. They work now. And I know, I know, I didn't want to send her on the bus but had too, I wasn't sure I'd get home in time to do car pick up.


ann said...

I always thought he could hear more than he let on ha ha!!!! Love you my Gage. Nanny

Leah said...

Well, there's a surprise for ya! I'm glad Gage's surgery went well and he is at home and right as rain. Hopefully he'll get a couple of years off before the jaw distraction surgery!

Danielle said...

Boy he is a tropper. Glad it turned out fine.... phew!!!!

lbre969903 said...

My little guys has had 6 surgeries since birth and I tell him that chicks dig scars too!! I have told him to say they are war scars and he is a trooper... HA!! Glad to hear Gage is doing better. Hope mommy is doing okay too!