Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Challenge...the results are in

I'm posting my before picture as punishment. I did not meet my goal, nor did I even really try. I could have done so much better and I'm disappointed in myself...but I'll move on, lol. I only lost four pounds at my final weigh in, but at least I had not gained four pounds!

Leslie did better than I losing six pounds! She almost met her goal and she looks fabulous. Weigh Way to go Leslie!! She was very dedicated and it all paid off.

Penny did amazing losing 12 pounds!! Wow go girl! Another busy mom who inspires me!

Amy and I are alot alike, we end up putting everyone first and get sidetracked when it comes to "us"! She looks great as well and I can't keep up with her busy life! Good going Amy! If she did get brave and do a final weigh in, I'm sure she'd be pleased with her results.

Way to go ladies!!

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lbre969903 said...

Thanks Val!! I am so glad I finally got it together and did this and really would be up for the challenge again.. Any of you girls up for it? :) I seem to do better when I have a challenge to meet!