Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Update

The kids had a ball this weekend with all the activities. They enjoyed trick or treating and getting to wear their costumes (outside the house for a change-here they play dress up a lot!).

Gage made some scary signs for different people

Look at Brook checking out the mummy at our friends Rachel and Matthew's house. (oh thanks for all the candy, Mom and Dad   the kids are enjoying it)
This mummy made freaky sounds too so B wasn't taking any chances. With all the scary movies coming on the past few weeks, she's a little on edge. She doesn't really like scary things but Gage loves them! No telling what kinda damage we've caused letting him watch all those horror films but they hold his attention! He asked me once why the music would play in the background of scary movies and I told him that's to help intensify the situation and make it even scarier. Brook has never watched them long enough to ask. Now he listens to music in the films to know when it's about to get scary! (just in case you're wondering how much deaf kids can pick up from movies) Ever since he got his first cochlear implant years ago, he's really been able to pick up a lot from movies, even the overall mood and not just a story line. He automatically looks at me during sad parts because he knows I'll be in tears (and he laughs at me) but he himself has been know to cry at movies (even a cartoon once) so have no fears, they usually do well with tv, though he does prefer captions.

My husband and I even got to get out this weekend (we were married the day after Halloween 12 years ago!) and we attended a costume party at my little brother's house. We had fun, we had laughs, and we were road construction workers.

So far we have a non busy week next week with only one appointment! Crazy I know! But Brook has to go back to the eye doctor tomorrow after school and check on the lazy eye situation. She may need a patch...?

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leah said...

What a fun weekend! I love the road construction worker costume idea- cute! My cousin and his wife went as a hunter and a deer- she was the deer and he was the hunter, lol!

Looks like the kids had a great time- and its good to know they're sharing their candy with Mom and Dad, lol!